We are looking for qualitative web partners who want to expand this platform further in their own countries with a team of motivated people who have their hearts in sports and have the necessary knowledge of the local sports industry.

Are you interested in becoming our next partner to set up Mysportspage in your country? Then send your CV to sp@mysportspage.eu and perhaps you will be added to our team very soon.

We are energetically looking to expand our teams in: Turkey, Spain, Italy, Portugal, the UK and France.

You can send us an e-mail in English or any other language supporting our platform, except Portuguese. 


WEBPublishers and local software providers in the sports industry

You can integrate the entire Mysportspage platform in your website or local application in a trice: make profiles, loop back profiles to your administration, admit the realization of bookings, admit showing subscription details online or renew them or sell... You will also get the latest sports news in RSS Feeds on your site or on your local consoles, television screens or booking terminals.

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